Label: William Pearson

Stunning 1960s William Pearson wedding dress made with a beautiful combination of white lace and sheer gingham, lined with a nude underskirt. Silk grosgrain sash at waist.

William Pearson was an Alabama native who moved to L.A. in the 60s, making it big in a city just gaining its footing as a new frontier for high-end fashion. He later moved to Paris and returned regularly to L.A. to present his collections. He favored conservative looks and the now back-en-vogue pussycat bow on many of his dresses.

Gingham wedding dresses were a 1960s trend made popular by the one and only Brigitte Bardot, who wore a gingham dress to her 1959 wedding to Jacques Charrier. No shock that this dress was designed by a southerner (see below), where gingham has always reigned supreme in summer.


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