How many 5 stars hotels in Antalya Turkey?

How many 5 stars hotels in Antalya Turkey?

Antalya Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism presented information about Antalya tourism with numerical data before the 2019 tourism season, which started in early April.

According to this information given by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Antalya, the total number of accommodation facilities (Number of total bed)  in Antalya was announced as 500.583 beds in 889  hotels, holiday villages and aparts as listed below.

Total numbers of hotels with stars in Antalya

  • Total Number  of 5-star hotels and holiday villages. 407
  • Total Number of 4-star hotels 218
  • Total number of 3-star hotels 120
  • Total Number of 2-star  hotels 37
  • Total number of 1-star hotel 9
  • And 40 aparts, 22 private accommodation facilities and others

The answer to the question of how many 5-star hotels are in Antalya is 407 for the year 2019