How many pantiles to a square meter?


Answer for “How many pan tiles to a square meter?” differs acording to size of  roof tiles used. Below  there are 8 different  pantiles used for roof covering and you can see how many  pieces of pantile are required for 1 square meter of roof. From table  it is possible to say  number of pantiles used in 0ne square meter roof differs between 10 to 17 almost in terms of their types,

Type Size Square Metre Coverage
1. Sandtoft Shire Pantile Concrete Tile 380 x 230mm 16.4 tiles per m²
 2. Redland Grovebury Concrete Tile 418 x 332mm 9.7 tiles per m²
3. Marley Mendip Concrete Tile 420 x 330mm 9.7 tiles per m²
4. Marley Anglia Concrete Tile 387 x 230mm 15.7 tiles per m²
5. Sandtoft Olympus Tile 408 x 327mm 10.2 tiles per m²
6. Redland Cathedral 411 x 265mm 12.5 tiles per m²
7. Sandtoft County Tile 384 x 267mm 14.9 tiles per m²
8. Koramic 401 Flemish Pantile 368 x 248mm 16.6 tiles per m²